Participates on the exhibition Our Contemporaries and on the 3rd Biennial of Kosovo in the Gallery of Arts in Pristina, as well as on collective exhibition Contemporary Arts of Kosovo in Paris, Lyon, Munchen and Stuttgart. Wins purchase prize of Gallery of Arts in Pristina and participates on Symposium of sculptors of University in Pristina. Appeared sculptures Sketch for the Monuments and Holocaust in which are germs of some basic plastic and meaningful ideas of his sculpture, which will be elaborated between 1986 and 1988.

In November, he organized a ninth independent exhibition with fifty sculptures. The exhibition in a certain way had a character of retrospective, as there could be perceived his developing line from the early fifties up to the end of the seventies. Interesting analytic works about Basara have appeared which authors are Vuk Filipovic (introduction to the catalogue of independent exhibition of Svetomir Arsic Basara, Gallery of Arts, Pristina 1979), Petar Djuza, (..Complete Creative Opus", fedinstvo, 4th December 1979); Vojislav Devic („Universality of Arsic's Scupture", fedinstvo, 25th December 1979).

Participates at the exhibition Modern Art of Kosovo and Metohija in Belgrade and Palermo. Have appeared sculptures Requiem to My Illusions and Do not Turn Off my Hearth.

Independently exhibits in Nis, in the Gallery of Modern Arts. He won a prize of Association of Fine Arts Artists of Yugoslavia. Represented on the exhibiton of SLUJ in Skopje and Pancevo. Exhibits on Triennial of Yugoslavian Drawings in City Museum of Sombor and on the exhibition of Modern Arts of Kosovo in Montreal. Starts to work on Cosmic Cycle. Appeared works: Cosmic Ear, Cosmic Landscape, Cosmic Cliffs. About the exhibition were written: Dragoslava Devic („World of Abstract Forms", National Newspaper, Nis 5th October 1981) and Vojislav Devic (..Sculptures of Basara", National Newspaper, 10-11th October 1981).

Collectively exhibits in Herceg-Novi, in the Gallery Josip Bepo Benkovic". Accepted in the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo.

Participates in collective exhibitions in Pancevo and Nis. Appeared works: Metohian Sphinx, Grandfather's Partner from Kumanovo Battle (the first cannon) Cannons of Aleksa Dacic, by which he enters in Engaged Cycle. Preparing in 1986, for participation in the broadcast of Television Belgrade, he will write in the Concept: J was dealing with so called pure art. but when on our holy land, Kosovo and Metohija has happened that people, ours, started to leave hearths, I have made a conclusion that my cosmopolite art does not mean anything''.

Participates in collective exhibition on May Salon in Pristina. Appears work Apocalypse. Organize independent exhibition in Belgrade, in the Pavilion of Art ..Cvijeta Zuzoric". The exhibition was dedicated in memory of Lazar Trifunovic. About the exhibition were writing: Jovan Despotovic („Svetomir Arsic Basara", Introduction to a catalogue of retrospective exhibition, Pavilion of Art „Cvijeta Zuzoric", Belgrade 1984 ), Zoran Markus („Pure Artistic Speech, Creative Work of Svetomir Arsic Basara in Pavilion of Art „Cvijeta Zuzoric", Politika, 10th January 1985, Nikola Kusovac („Real Fighter", Politika Express, Belgrade, 16th January 1985) and Balsa Rajcevic („From Esthetic to Engagement", Literary Word, Belgrade, 25th January, 1985).